BASEBALL FIELDS? Not me. I spent my childhood among the muscled-bound mutants that inhabited my father’s gym — a windowless bomb shelter dug deep into the limestone of Jerusalem’s Old City.

For years, I was a fly on those walls. I soaked in the culture, educated myself through eavesdropped conversations, and studied the behaviors of Israeli soldiers hell-bent on transformation.

FREAQUE FITNESS was born from that simple childhood curiosity — one that would spawn my own physical evolution. Today, FREAQUE is a unique workout system refined by my sophisticated understanding of human anatomy and advanced body mechanics.

Ask around: I’ve trained hundreds to be merciless killers in the gym, awakening within them the spirit of their power animals. True legend tells the story of a young mastermind coming to life in an Israeli bomb shelter, and emerging as a mad scientist, world-class strength coach, and now — your body’s publicist.

I’ve undergone my transformation. Let this moment mark the start of your own personal revolution. No more games. Not one more excuse. Light your torches and grab your guns. It’s time to handle your damn business.

This isn’t my website’s About Me; this is the based-on-the-true-life -story “About You.”


You’ve grown tired of the one-size-fits-none nature of those copy-and-paste online programs. You’re also weary of those trainers at the gym who seem to glance at their phone more frequently than they do their clients’ form.

You’re finally ready for something real.

Freaque Fitness is a zero-nonsense approach to strength and conditioning training. Learn to break the mold without breaking the bank, your spirit … or your back.

Join the movement and let’s get you reprogrammed.

Already committed? That’s cool.

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by telling them that it’s not really “working out.”


“What I like best about the Battle Plans programs is just how easy they are to understand. They’re broken down into common sense categories that make it easy to learn the right approach. I bought the whole collection once I saw what the biceps program did for my arms.”

Dom R, 20

“I started with a FREAQUE custom program to fix a lower back problem and get back to basketball. In almost no time, I learned all about my injury and how to strengthen the muscles around it. We had a real plan in place, and for once, I wasn’t just playing defense with my injuries. The information really opened my eyes to the difference strength training can make. FREAQUE is the best there is and the changes are real.”

Greg S, 47

“I’ve never seen a more comprehensive approach to exercise. FREAQUE explains what to do very effectively, but more importantly, teaches me what to avoid. I feel like I’m using cheat notes on a difficult exam. Things are so much easier now and I find myself giving other people advice.”

John C, 33

“The dude just knows how to push the body to its limit — without injury. A real legend in my gym. He never lets me take the easy way out and forces me to max out my effort. I’m a different person in the gym because of him.”

Josh M, 37

“I’ll wake up the morning after a workout to muscles aching that I didn’t know I had. David’s an asshole like that. You’ll definitely think of him when you make any sudden movements the next day.”

Ryan B, 24

“[David] turned me on to the concept of strength training for women, when I had previously been scared of weights. I mean, I had used rubber weights before, but nothing on this level. My body feels tighter and stronger everywhere and I now feel comfortable spending time in the weights section.”

Allison C, 26

“I don’t know how muscular he wants to get, but I think he’s perfect right now. So, if you’re listening, David, please no more.”

David's Mom, Age Withheld